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Nicholls stays faithful to Dickens

David Nicholls has promised he will stay "faithful" to Charles Dickens in the film adaptation of Great Expectations.

The One Day novelist - who admitted Great Expectations is his "favourite novel" - is writing the script to the big-screen version, which will star Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane and Sally Hawkins.

"I'm really excited about that. I think it's both faithful to the novel, but also has a new, slightly different atmosphere to most Dickens adaptations. It's darker, more violent, more twisty and turny - a real romantic thriller," he said.

Production on the movie, to be directed by Mike Newell, will begin in October, David said.

"We start filming in October. Mike Newell is directing that and Ralph Fiennes is playing Magwitch, while Helena Bonham Carter is playing Miss Haversham," he added.

He admitted he is unsure how the final result will appear.

"I don't know because I haven't read their scripts. But the source material is so rich and has so much in it that I'm sure they'll have a different take on it," he said.

Great Expectations is being produced by the BBC to mark the bicentenary of writer Charles Dickens' birth next year.


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