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Nicolas Cage: I was Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage has revealed wearing a voodoo skull face would make him think that he really was Ghost Rider.

The Hollywood star, who reprises his anti-hero role in sequel The Spirit Of Vengeance, painted his face, wore black contact lenses and put ancient mementoes on his outfit to channel the supernatural character of Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider.

"Who knows if it works or not? The point is it stimulated my imagination to think I really was this character. And that led me to believe maybe I really was this spirit of vengeance," he told The Sun.

Nicolas revealed he kept the costume on for a Christmas party in Romania, near where they were shooting.

"If you have a Christmas party in Romania and you're shooting until 2am and you're invited to go to the Christmas party, and some schnapps is involved and you're still in character, all hell can break loose," he said.

"And it did. I'm lucky I'm not in a Romanian prison," he joked.


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