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Nigel Slater speaks of slight regret about ‘over-sharing’

The cookery writer says he is ‘probably a bit more guarded’ than he used to be.

Food writer and broadcaster Nigel Slater has said he has slight regrets about “over-sharing” in his celebrated memoir.

Best-seller Toast chronicled a childhood through foods which have gone in and out of fashion such as Caramac bars and Arctic Rolls.

The book was brought to life in a 2010 BBC film starring Helena Bonham Carter as Slater’s step-mother in a nostalgic drama which traced the writer’s journey to adulthood through evocative tastes and smells.

Helena Bonham Carter and Nigel Slater at a screening of Toast at Bafta in London. (Ian West/PA)

In an interview with Radio Times, Slater, 59, said: “I slightly regret over-sharing.”

He added: “I’m probably a bit more guarded than I used to be. You can talk about other people’s lives a bit too much, and I think maybe I did that.”

Slater sought solace in food after his adored mother died when he was just nine, and he had a difficult relationship with both his father and the woman he married.

He told the magazine: “Knowing what I know now, at this ripe old age, I would have behaved very differently with my stepmother.”


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