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No acting plans for Dara O Briain

Dara O Briain has no plans to follow in the acting footsteps of fellow comedians Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand.

The Irish funnyman, who is hosting the Jameson Empire Awards on March 27, reckons he would only be able to act as himself.

"Act? Why would I want to act? I can only do one voice," he said.

"I once read for a part of an Irish comedian, but that would just be me playing me, or a friend of mine. So there is no danger of me acting."

Dara admitted he would feel too self-conscious if he was acting in front of the cameras.

"I would be really aware of what I am doing with my arm, where I am standing. I genuinely feel that if I do act, my left arm would float up towards the ceiling in the scene, and what about getting the words right?" he added.

He has no nerves ahead of presenting the film awards for the third year, which take place in London.

"This is the most glossy and star-studded, and there is always an impressive line-up of people," he said.

"Actors are charming people so you can't get too nervous. The host is the Z-lister in the room, and they don't care about you. But the high point was when Gwyneth Paltrow told me I was better-looking in real life. I have that now printed in neon on a T-shirt. It's those normal moments with celebrities," Dara added.


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