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No American Sniper for Spielberg

Steven Spielberg will not be directing military drama American Sniper, according to reports.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker has apparently decided to pass on the film, along with his studio DreamWorks, which was due to co-produce it with Warner Bros.

There are rumours that Spielberg's vision didn't fit in with the allotted budget, according to Deadline.

Bradley Cooper remains committed to play Texas Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in the big-screen adaptation of autobiography, American Sniper: The Autobiography Of The Most Lethal Sniper In US Military History, which the Oscar-nominated actor bought the rights to.

The memoir tells the story of the expert marksman who was killed by a discharged war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

It comes after Spielberg pushed back the release date of Jurassic Park 4 a year later to 2015, and delayed the release of Robopocalypse "indefinitely".

The 66-year-old directed three films in the past two years - The Adventures Of Tintin, War Horse and Lincoln - and is attached as a producer on Transformers 4, The Hundred-Foot Journey and the next Tintin film, Prisoners Of The Sun.


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