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Noel Clarke: I'm a natural leader

Noel Clarke has joked that leadership has come naturally to him now he is older.

The actor-director plays SAS instructor and trainer Sergeant Carter in Ronnie Thompson's I Am Soldier, alongside Tom Hughes, Duncan Casey and Lee Charles.

"I guess I'm older now so the leadership comes easily. I've been doing this a long time weirdly, even though it seems that I just started doing it," said the 38-year-old.

Noel, who appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness and directed Adulthood and, revealed the cast did a huge amount of training before filming to get into their roles.

"We did assault courses, trim trails - which is worse than the assault course, the rifle range. And we had lots of lectures with real SAS guys, and MI6 and MI5," he explained.

"We had guys telling us that when their bombs haven't exploded, they'd actually gone into someone's base, defused the bomb, left it there, and let them plant it the next day so they could see who's responsible for it."

However, the star was surprised at the differences between the Forces.

"It's very different to the Army. So you don't need to be clean shaven, there's no belittling, no encouragement - they either make it or they don't," he said.

:: I Am Soldier is out on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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