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Nolan pens Interstellar mini comic

Christopher Nolan has filled in some of the back story of Interstellar with a mini comic.

The director has written a comic about what happened to Matt Damon's heroic astronaut character before he appeared in the hit sci-fi film's storyline, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Matt plays Dr Mann in the film, which was a surprise casting to many as his part hadn't been publicised beforehand. Dr Mann is well known to the other astronauts as being one of the best in his field.

The seven-page comic is being published in the upcoming issue of Wired magazine, which Nolan is guest editing and which will be on sale from November 25.

Kip Thorne, who was Nolan's science advisor on the film, has also written a companion book called The Science Of Interstellar, but it doesn't include any plot points or pre-story.


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