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Nolfi: No plans to direct Bourne


Matt Damon stars in Adjustment Bureau with Emily Blunt

Matt Damon stars in Adjustment Bureau with Emily Blunt

Matt Damon stars in Adjustment Bureau with Emily Blunt

Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi has said he would like to work with Matt Damon again but not on a new Bourne film.

The screenwriter met Matt when he wrote the script for Ocean's Twelve and also co-wrote the Bourne Ultimatum, and after persuading Matt to star in his directorial debut, a supernatural thriller co-starring Emily Blunt and Mad Men's John Slattery, is keen to direct again.

George said: "I don't know exactly what I want to direct next, I've written a couple of things, I'd love to work with Matt again and there's four or five other people out there who I would be privileged to work with as well."

But asked if he'd like to direct the new Bourne movie he said: "That's not my realm. I want to do original stuff that I've come up with like this movie."

George revealed he knew Matt would be perfect to play the hero in his action love story.

He revealed: "I met Matt on Ocean's Twelve and I thought he's the perfect guy to be at the centre of this story because it's got such a fantastical premise to it and I wanted to ground that in the kind of realism and naturalism that Matt is the best at.

"I said I know it would be asking you to do two things that you haven't really done hardly ever, which is to act in a movie with this very supernatural premise to it and to carry that love story. He thought that was a great challenge."

Meanwhile, Jake Gylenhaal has become the latest actor to be linked to the role of Jason Bourne after he reportedly met with Bourne Legacy writer Tony Gilroy last week.

:: Adjustment Bureau is released on Friday March 4.