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Northern Ireland Star Wars fans out in force for latest film

By David Young

Northern Ireland fans have been turning out in Force for the latest Star Wars blockbuster.

The Movie House on Belfast Dublin Road is just one of the venues screening Star Wars: The Last Jedi - and manager Peter Valenti says it looks like being the biggest picture of the year.

"We've already had more than a thousand people through the doors since the film opened at midnight," he said yesterday evening. "It's really going to do great box office for us."

Fans at the Movie House last night agreed.

The Quinn family from north Belfast were making the movie a family affair.

"I was really into it when I was their age," said Ronan, pointing to kids Rathlin and Roscoe .

Rathlin was very excited.

"I love Star Wars," he said. "It's really violent, and I like that."

Belfast dad Dr Mark Herron and his son Charlie were on their annual Star Wars trip. He said: "This is our third year doing a Christmas Star Wars film."

Mark said: "I've got a mass of replicas, a Darth Vader model and a lightsaber!"

Pals Michael Cooper and Darren Thompson from Bangor were full of praise for the latest chapter of the Star Wars saga.

"Very good! I saw the last film three times - and I reckon I'll probably do that again," said Michael.

Darren had already seen The Last Jedi twice. "I think it is probably the third best of all the Star Wars films. Definitely go to see it - at least twice!"

Polish diplomat Tomasz Tadla said : "I hope it will be better than the seventh episode. It was a bit like a remake. I hope this one will be a bit more original."

Marlene Barej, who is also a diplomat at Belfast's Polish consulate, said: "I'm looking forward to seeing Rey on the big screen. I hope she'll be really good!"

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