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Norton: My Bourne role not all bad

Edward Norton has claimed he is not the villain of The Bourne Legacy and Jeremy Renner is not a clear-cut hero.

The Fight Club star plays the main protagonist in Tony Gilroy's new film, the director of a top secret government agency, and said his character is not an evil baddie, but a man forced to do dangerous things as part of his job.

Edward said: "If you like the piece as a whole you don't judge the character, even if he's a flat out baddie.

"But my character has embraced the idea that it is his job to do some bad things to serve a higher good. And whether that's a dangerous rationalisation or a sensible one, is for the audience to decide.

"I think that's a nice thing with a 'villain'. Tony's said this guy does have point of view, he's not happy about these things, he's not enjoying it, he's not a moustache twirler, but he is fearsome."

Jeremy plays an escaped agent and Rachel Weisz plays a scientist from another secret organisation. Edward insists no one in the film is all good or all bad.

He said: "What's interesting is that Tony, instead of just digging into the intelligence world, he's now involved the corporate world and the science world.

"So between Jeremy and Rachel and I, he's constructed these characters who in some ways have all made some moral compromises to do what they do, so everybody's grey, instead of black or white."

The Bourne Legacy is released today (August 13).


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