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O'Connell: Jolie's loved in Derby

Angelina Jolie will always have a fanbase in Derby thanks to a quip at a recent awards do, the star of her new film has said.

Jack O'Connell stars as US Olympic athlete and Japanese prisoner of war Louis Zamperini in Angelina's new movie Unbroken.

And the actress, who directed the film, recently introduced the 24-year-old East Midlands actor at the Hollywood Film Awards with "Ay up me duck".

"My whole city just hit the roof. I'm a big deal in Derby now, so is she," Jack joked.

"She's sorted in Derby if she needs a roof over her head; she's got her back covered. No-one's ever done that for the city on such a big podium. Saying 'Ay up me duck', it's a big deal."

Jack said he had talked to the actress about the delights of his beloved local football team, Derby County, adding: "She loves Derby, I talked her into supporting the Rams. I don't know how keenly she's going to follow us..."

:: Unbroken is in cinemas on Friday, December 26.


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