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Ofcom probes Robert Peston’s ITV show after Miriam Margolyes swore on air

Peston apologised for the outburst.

Ofcom is investigating TV show Peston On Sunday after actress Miriam Margolyes swore live on air.

The Harry Potter actress, 76, uttered the F-word last month while regaling an anecdote involving Hollywood star Warren Beatty.

Ofcom said: “We are investigating whether this programme broke our rules on offensive language before the watershed.”

The veteran actress had asked if she could use a “bad word”, something which presenter Robert Peston acceded to.

But the swearword left the studio guests – Tory MP Sarah Wollaston and Lord Adonis – giggling, while Peston was forced to apologise.

And he quipped “and you’ve just got me sacked, which was a public service”.

Margolyes appeared to put her hand over her mouth in surprise following the apology.

Earlier, the actress described how she agreed with the principles of the #MeToo movement – which aims to shine a spotlight on sexual abuse – but said it had the potential to lose sight of its aims.

“It can overbalance and become a witch-hunt. I think people talking about hand-on-the-knee 15 years ago is not serious enough,” she said.

“Rape and pushing into a woman – it’s obvious what’s assault and what isn’t.”


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