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Oh knickers! TV's Susanna accidentally renames showbiz guest editor Michael Underwear

He was on the ITV programme to discuss the latest showbusiness headlines.

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid stunned viewers when she accidentally gave a presenter on the show the surname “Underwear”.

Michael Underwood, the show’s guest entertainment editor, was on the ITV programme on Monday morning to discuss the latest showbusiness headlines.

Introducing the 41-year-old, Susanna accidentally blurted out: “Michael Underwear.”

Michael replied: “Michael Underwear?”

Susanna, 46, held her head in her hands, as Michael said: “She actually said it; that’s a shocker, isn’t it?

“To my face, how could you?” he joked.

Susanna asked him: “How many times have you been called Michael Underwear?” to which Michael replied: “Once, today… apart from those horrendous school memories.”

Co-host Piers Morgan added: “We only call him that off camera normally.”

And he joked: “You’ve brought back his mental scars.”

Michael attempted to hit back, calling Susanna “Susanna Seed”, before admitting it was a “terrible comeback”.


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