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Oldman: Hardwicke understands teens

Garry Oldman has praised Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for understanding teens.

The Fifth Element star plays werewolf hunter Father Solomon in Catherine's new medieval-set horror film starring Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood and Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez as her two would-be lovers.

Gary said: "She's got a knack for it - she kind of understands this coming-of-age and teenage-angle angst. And she is very good at casting."

Catherine made Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner household names when she cast the trio of young actors in Twilight in 2008.

Actress Amanda agrees with Gary that Catherine has "an eye for casting and chemistry".

She said: "When she sees two people connect, she becomes your biggest fan. She wants to take that and make that into something beautiful. I think she saw that with Rob (Pattinson) and Kristen (Stewart) and she has been very vocal about that. When she first saw Shiloh (Fernandez) and me do our chemistry read, she saw something and I saw something."

Shiloh, one of the main love interests in the film, was almost cast in Robert Pattinson's role in Twilight.

"Thank God he wasn't," Amanda says, "so he could be in our movie."


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