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Oldman: RoboCop asks questions


Gary Oldman stars in the RoboCop remake

Gary Oldman stars in the RoboCop remake

Gary Oldman stars in the RoboCop remake

Gary Oldman has revealed the RoboCop remake appealed to him because it is both entertaining and asks important questions.

The actor plays the scientist who rebuilds an injured cop (Joel Kinnaman) as a cyborg crimefighter in the movie, which he describes as "more science fact" than the original 1987 sci-fi film.

He said of his character: "He just gets himself into a situation like I'm sure many researchers, many doctors, many politicians have, you see it all the time. Someone gets in a little over their head and their ethics are challenged.

"This whole thing of conscience, subconscious, is there a soul, isn't there a soul? Just because we can do something, does it mean we should? All of these questions Jose (director Jose Padilha) was thinking about."

"He wants it to be all of those things and yet, it's a genre and a piece of entertainment too," added Gary, 55.

"I think it's fun to go to a movie, have a great time and at the same time, come out thinking, there's an issue here."

Jose is convinced it is the right time for the remake. For the physics graduate-turned-director, the theme of man vs machine is more relevant and pressing than ever.

"Back in the 80s, the idea of a half-man, half-robot could only take place in the far future. But it's actually happening now," he said.

"We are getting close to a world in which warfare will be automated. We're going to have robots replacing soldiers and policemen. Right now, we're beginning an intense discussion about drones, which are not automated - there's a human being, observing from a remote location, deciding when to pull the trigger.

"But what happens when software, an algorithm, makes that decision? Everything in the movie is going to be in the real world very soon, and we're going to have discussions about whether this is OK or not."

:: RoboCop is in cinemas now.