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Olivia's wild for Robert Redford

Olivia Wilde may be one of Hollywood's hottest tickets right now - but she says she wouldn't mind trading places with veteran actor Robert Redford.

The 27-year-old, who stars alongside Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in body-swapping comedy The Change-Up, admitted she looked up to Redford's varied career.

"He's been in some fantastic movies, he's a director as well - some of my favourite movies were directed by him," she said.

"He's started a great film festival, and he lives out in the mountains. I think Robert's done it well."

Olivia matched the red carpet at The Change-Up's Los Angeles premiere, wearing a fitted scarlet dress and matching heels.

She plays Jason's colleague Sabrina in the movie which sees a bachelor and a family man inadvertently wish themselves into each other's bodies.


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