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On The Road a no-brainer for Riley

Sam Riley has revealed he "couldn't say no" to playing Sal Paradise in On The Road.

The film - which is based on Jack Kerouac's book of the same name, and follows Sam's character through his life as a Beat generation youth - took a long time to come together.

Sam said: "When they said it wasn't happening, I was relieved, to some extent, because I thought, 'Well, I've joined a fantastic list of nearly-Sal Paradises.' And then I tried to forget all about it, which is what I try to do if I don't get a part - there's no point mulling it over.

"But Garrett (Hedlund, who plays Dean Moriarty) and Walter (director Walter Salles) stayed in touch. Garrett was sort of supercharged - he had to play this part, he was already in character three and a half years ago - and he didn't want it to go to waste. Then my agent called me about two years later and said, 'It's happening in two months.' So I don't remember being formally offered the part at all, actually. It was just, 'We quite like you' then nothing for a year and a half, then, 'It's happening. Get a dialect coach, start seeing a trainer - you've got two months to make yourself look something resembling sporty'."

He added: "I knew I couldn't say no to it, whatever doubts and fears I had, I'd be jealous of whoever else was playing it."

The film will be released on October 12 in the UK.


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