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On-air fight breaks out as Jordanian journalists wreck set over Syria debate

The two men fought each other and pulled the table apart in their scuffle on the 7 Stars TV channel

By Adam Withnall

A TV debate between two senior Jordanian journalists has erupted spectacularly into an on-air fight after they came to a disagreement over the Syrian crisis.

The pair were separated by a long oval-shaped table – until, that is, one picked it up and started trying to use it as a weapon.

According to reports from Al Arabiya, the debate on Tuesday saw Shaker al-Jawhary (on the right), head of the Electronic Media Association in Jordan, furiously launch himself at Mohammad Sharif al-Jaiousy, the editor in chief of a prominent news website.

Al-Jawhary can be seen pushing the table towards his fellow speaker before, after he realises it has come apart, using the top surface as a sort of battering ram to push into Al-Jaiousy’s chest.

When that fails, Al-Jawhary runs around the set and aims a kick at his opponent, at which point the host and security staff are able to intervene.

The fight was reportedly sparked by Al-Jaiousy’s support for the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. The format of the programme, featuring on Jordanian TV channel 7 Stars and entitled “Bayn Etijihayn” (Between Two Ways), appears designed to encourage a heated debate.

Source: The Independent

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