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Oprah thought acting skill was gone

Oprah Winfrey has admitted she doubted her acting skills would be up to the job before she took a role in The Butler.

The talk show host last acted in a film in 1998 when she made Beloved and told the TV Times she had worried she would be too out of practice.

She said: "I hadn't acted for 15 years and I'd given up the idea of it and let that part of my life go.

"I wasn't sure if I still had it. There's a lot of crying and I didn't know if I had the technical skills."

The Butler chronicles a black man's years of service in the White House during the most volatile period in America's civil rights history.

Forest Whitaker plays the butler Cecil Gaines, based on the experiences of real-life White House butler Eugene Allen, and Oprah plays his wife Gloria, who has a drinking problem.

Director Lee Daniels, who developed the role specifically for Oprah, said: "Oprah came out with guns blazing. She's an incredible talent."


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