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Orlando Bloom unveils star with son

Orlando Bloom has unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but revealed he was distracted by concerns his son would relieve himself in the middle of the ceremony.

The Lord Of The Rings star brought his adorable toddler Flynn to celebrate his big day with him and found that the little one completely upstaged him.

During the big reveal little Flynn stood in the middle of the star, oblivious to the crowds of fans and photographers and while Orlando was being honoured on stage he would not leave the arms of his father.

Speaking after the ceremony, Orlando said: "I was wondering whether Flynn was going to drop his draws; and I was concerned he was going to trip over or take a pee on it, which would be kind of funny."

The British actor said he still managed to think about the honour of the occasion while worrying about his curious child.

"It's really an amazing thing but it's funny because I take it as a pat on the back and a thumbs up, I am going in the right direction because I still feel like I'm at the beginning of a new chapter perhaps and that is really exciting and this feels like, 'good on you son, keep going that way' so I will endeavour to do that the best way I know how," he said.

Flynn's mother is model Miranda Kerr and Orlando thanked her during his speech, saying she gave him "the greatest gift of all, my son."

Speaking about having Flynn by his side during the ceremony, Orlando said: "I don't usually like to have my son so visible but I guess you only get your star once and he was having a meltdown seeing me standing there and not being a part of it."


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