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Oscar-winning director Inarritu hits back at 'mean-spirited' detractors

Alejandro G Inarritu has defended himself against "mean-spirited and false" accusations that he did not clap Jenny Beavan as she collected her Oscar for Mad Max: Fury Road.

A widely-circulated Vine appears to show The Revenant director and others sitting cross-armed and refusing to applaud as Beavan walked past to accept her award for costume design.

He can be seen looking the designer up and down, which many critics have interpreted as a look of disdain for the casually-dressed Beavan.

The Oscar-winning director has hit back at detractors, claiming he did clap her when she walked on stage and even providing a GIF as proof.

He said: "I think Jenny Beavan is a masterful costume designer and very deserving of the Oscar for Mad Max: Fury Road.

"By editing and omitting the full reality and suggesting I felt anything but admiration is mean-spirited and false.

"What you don't see in the 10 second clip being circulated is my applause for Jenny as she ascended the stairs to the stage."

He concluded: "I've learned a lot this awards season ... that I should never cross my arms when I am sitting down."

The GIF shows the ceremony moments after the Vine when Beavan is ascending the stairs to the stage and Inarritu can clearly be seen applauding.

Beavan admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that she had been "quite slow" walking to the stage in an effort not to trip and did not mind if she was not clapped.

She said: "Honestly, I didn't clap the whole time (during the ceremony) - your hands get tired.

"We had done a huge amount of clapping by that time.

"They didn't have to!

"I don't mind in the least if they didn't clap.

"I felt really good, I felt the warmth, I was so proud of doing the film for George (Miller) and it didn't matter what anyone else thought, really."

Speaking backstage at the Academy Awards, Beavan defended her outfit of black trousers and an embellished leather jacket: "I don't do frocks and absolutely don't do heels, I have a bad back. I look ridiculous in a beautiful gown.

"This was a homage to Mad Max and I obviously didn't get it quite right at the Baftas, the scarf was meant to be an oil rag."

Gesturing to her fake leather jacket, she added: "This is Marks & Spencer with Swarovski at the back.

"I had a bit of a shoe malfunction and the glitter fell off.

"I just like feeling comfortable and as far as I'm concerned I'm really dressed up."

Her mention of the Baftas was a reference to the incident that has overshadowed her award season success.

Stephen Fry was forced off Twitter after backlash over a joke about Beavan's choice of outfit for the Bafta awards when he called her a "bag lady".

After collecting her trophy for Mad Max, Fry quipped:"Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards ceremony dressed like a bag lady."

He later clarified that "Jenny Beavan is a friend and joshing is legitimate" but the damage was done and he left social media in a rant entitled Too Many People Have Peed in the Pool.


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