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O'Toole praised for final movie

Peter O'Toole shrugged off illness to carry on working 10-hour stints, the director of the late actor's final film has revealed.

The star, who found fame in the Oscar-winning classic Lawrence Of Arabia, died in December 2013 aged 81.

He had suffered from a long illness, his agent said at the time of his death.

O'Toole defied his health problems during filming of Fall of an Empire: The Story of Katherine of Alexandria in January 2012.

The movie's director Michael Redwood said: "Peter was certainly not the type to let illness decide over his career, and despite his being poorly at the time of filming, he remained full-on 10 hours a day, showing great interest in the storylines, angles of shots and the lighting.

"Of course, the inevitable wind-ups surfaced whenever the devil inside him needed entertaining."

Images of O'Toole performing in what was to be his last film role have also been released.

He announced his retirement later in 2012, saying he intended to focus on the third volume of his memoirs.

Fall of an Empire: The Story of Katherine of Alexandria - available on DVD and in cinemas from today - tells the story of St Katherine and Constantine.


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