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Owen: Killer Elite 'real spy story'

Clive Owen has revealed it was the grounded nature of his new film Killer Elite that drew him to the script.

Clive stars alongside Jason Statham and Robert De Niro in what he described as a "real spy story".

He said: "I read the script, I liked the script, I thought it was a very original and unusual spy movie.

"It had some very cool action but it was rooted in this very unusual, real world."

The 46-year-old plays former SAS soldier Spike, who formers a counter-intelligence operation when he begins to suspect some of his former colleagues are being targeted.

Clive said he'd done plenty of research for the role.

"Luckily I actually know a few ex-SAS guys so I could pick their brains a bit and then I had a couple of meetings with an SAS consultant, a guy who had been in the SAS for 25 years," he explained.


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