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Owen loved 'duality' in Blood role

Clive Owen has admitted his role in Blood Ties was "a leap" for him.

The British actor stars in the film as a man who has just been released after serving several years in prison for murder in 1970s New York, but struggles to shed his dark past.

Talking about how he got into character, Clive told Collider: "We had the look and the tattoos. It was a leap for me because I'm English playing street New York.

"The main thing for me, as a way through the character, was this idea that there was something childish within him. That's what I wanted to explore - the childishness within him. Yes, he was ruthless, and he was a scary guy, but there was a little boy in there, as well."

Clive, 49, revealed he was drawn to playing someone who was both hardened and needy in French director Guillaume Canet's movie.

"I loved that duality. That's what I thought would be exciting, rather than just playing the tough guy," he explained.

The film also stars Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and James Caan.

After it was screened at Cannes, 30 minutes were cut, but Clive insisted he is never bothered by scenes ending up on the cutting room floor.

"I never worry about that," he said. " I think it's a director's medium. It's Guillaume's film. I know why the film is as long as it is."


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