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Pacino almost axed from Godfather

Al Pacino has revealed that he was nearly fired from his ground-breaking role in The Godfather.

The star, who played Michael Corleone in the Oscar-winning trilogy, said that Marlon Brando's support and the infamous murder scene in the restaurant saved him from getting axed from the Francis Ford Coppola film.

He told CNN's Larry King: "Brando was a source of inspiration. It was unnerving playing with him in Godfather. But he was good to me...They were going to let me go... I was going to do him slow and (let him) discover who he is. "

He said the director told him: "You're not cutting it for me kid."

But Pacino added: "What kept me in was the restaurant scene. When they saw that scene, they kept me in the movie because I would have been gone."

The star said of his character: "I loved him! ... That's like saying to a painter... how could you paint this painting of whoever... (the movie) had a lot to do with family and people related to it. You didn't have to be Italian-American ... you just related to the whole family dynamic."

He said Johnny Depp was one of his favourite co-stars, telling the TV show: "He's nuts but he'll say I'm nuts."

Pacino is currently filming a movie version of King Lear and plans to do a movie with Adam Sandler in which he'll play himself.


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