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Pacino's Film Festival fuzziness

Al Pacino has admitted he was struggling to remember which film he was meant to be talking about with two movies showing at the same film festival.

The 74-year-old actor attended the premiere of his new film Manglehorn at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he also has another movie, The Humbling, showing.

Al confessed: "I am really busy, this has never happened to me in my life, so that's a first - I've never done this sort of thing. Two films in a festival - Woah!

"So it's kind of a little disconcerting because you can be talking about one film, and then you think: 'Wait a minute is that the right film I'm talking about?' But it's still fun. I'm glad I have one in."

In Manglehorn he stars as a grouchy and repressed locksmith, who lives alone with his cat, mourning a lost love. In The Humbling he plays an ageing stage actor.

Holly Hunter co-stars in Manglehorn as Al's love interest, to whom he is too grumpy to confess his feelings.

Holly revealed: "Al likes to rehearse, which is a great ice-breaker. No pressure, just sit and read the script and he likes to do that on a really regular basis so, he kind of brings a certain relaxation and comfort to the whole process."


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