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Paddy Considine eyes second film

Paddy Considine has revealed he'd like his second film to be a ghost story.

The actor has just released his debut feature film Tyrannosaur, which he wrote and directed, about a victim of domestic abuse's friendship with a violent man.

And at a screening of the film at the National Film Theatre, Paddy told chair Edith Bowman he has already written another film.

He said: "There's a film I've written called The Leaning that's a ghost story. It sounds very generic but it's not, I just hope it's worth a look. I'm sure it will be, that's all I can hope for when I write films, that they're worth a look."

Paddy added that he had not wanted to appear in Tyrannosaur, which stars Peter Mullan, Eddie Marsan and Olivia Colman.

"I didn't want to have sit there and see my fat head up on screen," he joked.

:: Tyrannosaur is out in cinemas now.


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