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Parkinson: I want musical IT Crowd

The IT Crowd star Katherine Parkinson has revealed she would like to see a musical film of the TV show.

The comic actress, who won a Bafta for her performance as manager Jen Barber in the one-off final episode, admitted she would happily reprise the role for the big screen.

"There was talk of that and Graham (Linehan, creator) was quite up for it, particularly after the success of The Inbetweeners," she said. "So yeah, I think if it did have a future, I'd imagine it would be that type of thing."

Katherine suggested that her IT Crowd co-stars Richard Ayoade (Maurice Moss), Chris O'Dowd (Roy Trenneman) and Matt Berry (Douglas Reynholm) would blend in perfectly for a tune-filled spin-off.

"Graham used to be a music journalist, Matt's a wonderful singer, I'm up for singing, Richard is musically brilliant and Chris can't do anything musically. I always thought it'd be nice to do a musical film but you'll have to ask Graham about that," she added.

Richard, who has turned his hand to film-making with The Double and Submarine, said he would return to the role but has no aspirations to direct.

"Oh no. Graham directs and writes it all, so it's all him. I would have nothing to bring to it that he doesn't," he said.

The 36-year-old, who also won a Bafta for his role in The IT Crowd, hinted he doesn't mind if a film spin-off didn't happen

He said: "Graham's doing these two terrific shows - The Walshes and Count Arthur Strong - so he's really busy. In a way, I hope it might not happen because it might mean those shows aren't happening, which I would rather not."


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