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Pasties fuel Brad Pitt blockbuster

The filming of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt's latest blockbuster has been kept on track in the UK by fuelling the cast and crew on a local delicacy - the humble Cornish pasty.

Brad, 47, is in Cornwall filming scenes for zombie action film World War Z off the English Channel coast and on a ship in Falmouth harbour.

After rough seas hampered delivery of lunch to hundreds of the cast and crew offshore on Wednesday, some of the 500 local extras employed on the shoot suggested they get a large consignment of pasties on board to see them through.

Cornish bakery firm Rowe's today confirmed that it sent 700 pasties to the production to feed all the hungry mouths.

Paul Pearce, from the company, said: "All of our staff involved can now say with a sense of pride they contributed to the production of a film starring one of Hollywood's best know actors.

"There's also an open invitation if Angelina is in the area and looking for something to do, to come in to our new product development facility and learn how to hand-crimp a Cornish pasty. The children are more than welcome, but Brad may be busy."

It is unclear whether Brad himself would actually enjoyed a pasty, as he has previously been reported as having been a vegetarian for many years.

Scenes have already been shot in Malta, where Brad, who is also one of the film's producers, was joined by wife Angelina Jolie and their children in June.

So far only Brad - and his body double - has been spotted in the Cornish town.


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