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Patel: I needed persuading for Road

Dev Patel has revealed how director Gren Wells had to cajole him to star in indie drama, The Road Within.

The Slumdog Millionaire star admitted he had to be persuaded to play OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) sufferer Alex - a "germaphobe to the highest extent" - in the road trip movie, alongside Zoe Kravitz and Robert Sheehan.

"The script was amazing. It's so refreshing. The characters are so out of the box and it's a real challenge for any of the actors whotake on the roles," he said as the film premiered at the LA Film Fest.

"I've got a knack for talking myself out of good work so it took Gren, the director, lots of persuasion for me to do it. To play a character with OCD felt like a tremendous responsibility."

The 24-year-old prepared for the role by doing a lot of research.

"I met people with OCD and read tons of books. After meeting the real sufferers, you realise how serious this infliction is, and its torment. It can consume the person to the point where they can't step out of their own bedroom."

Robert plays Vincent, a man with Tourette's Syndrome, who recently lost his mother and decides to go on a road trip with his mother's ashes. He got to know Jaxon Kramer, "a very sweet and lovely man who has Tourette's Syndrome."

"We lived together in the spring of 2013 for about two weeks in a house. I had people to tell me what it's like to have Tourette's Syndrome. It's a Syndrome where the face of it, is actually very different to having it," he explained.

Zoe, who plays anorexic Marie, said: "I was really attracted to the challenge of the role and losing all the weight," adding: "We had so much fun. It's a small movie, so we became a family."


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