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Pattinson wants career like Pearce

Robert Pattinson has said he wants to carve out a career like his The Rover co-star Guy Pearce.

The British actor, who has built on his Twilight success with diverse projects such as Cosmopolis and Water For Elephants, recently said he would like to follow in the footsteps of the Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert star, reported E! News.

Asked on Good Morning America what he meant, R-Patz joked: "I was talking about a side career as a male stripper!"

He then explained: "Guy's essentially a leading man and - I can't figure out how to put this in the nicest way possible - but basically he created an incredibly interesting character actor career."

Aussie star Guy, who was being interviewed alongside Robert, admitted he was equally impressed with the 28-year-old's body of work.

"I'd be pretty happy with Rob's career as well, to be honest," he said.


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