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Pegg: I'm the 'funny British guy'


Simon Pegg doesn't see himself as a Hollywood star

Simon Pegg doesn't see himself as a Hollywood star

Simon Pegg doesn't see himself as a Hollywood star

Simon Pegg has said working in the US movie industry doesn't automatically make you a Hollywood star.

Since the success of his films Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, the British actor has gone on to star in Hollywood blockbusters Mission: Impossible 4, Star Trek and Steven Spielberg's Tintin movie adaptation.

He hangs out with A-listers Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. He could even be classed, though probably much against his own wishes, as a celebrity.

But Simon, who seems to be living the dream, is dismissive of such a title. "I don't know if I am big Hollywood star," he said. "I work in America. That doesn't mean you're a Hollywood star - Tom Cruise is a big Hollywood star.

"I'm just an actor and I can fortunately speak the same language as they do so I have the opportunity to work there as well.

"The thing about being in LA, you are in the very thick of the industry and you find yourself getting jobs at dinner, rather than having to make an effort."

Simon, whose latest role sees him play a slovenly writer in Crispian Mills' surreal comedy A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, said he would jump at the opportunity to do some serious drama, but concedes comedy is his "first love".

He has just shot a part in a US TV pilot playing a "Jewish Californian comic", but accepts that Americans see him as "the funny British guy". "I'm the guy who crops up and makes jokes in difficult situations and I'm happy if that's my entry into working in American cinema," he said.

"America is a really prolific market place and they have less trouble getting films made than we do. Because they have an industry, and we just have a lot of talented people trying to make films - that's not an industry."

:: A Fantastic Fear Of Everything is in cinemas now.