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Pegg on a mission in latest sequel

Simon Pegg has revealed that his Mission: Impossible alter-ego may be joining in the action more in the fourth film.

The Paul actor reprises his role as technician Benji Dunn for Ghost Protocol, with Tom Cruise back in the reins as secret agent Ethan Hunt, and teased he may actually get to leave the computer screen this time around.

"Let's just say Benji Dunn has had a little bit of a promotion since the last film," he told

But he added: "I can't say too much in case Tom Cruise shoots me with a dart gun in the neck!"

Simon has only high praise for Tom, who also produces the Mission: Impossible films.

"It's been a real blast and he's a fantastic boss to work for, in all seriousness," he continued.

"He's very generous. He's the most committed actor I've ever worked with. He really throws himself into everything 100 per cent and it's really quite inspirational to see that. It makes you step your game up."

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, co-starring Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Josh Holloway, is due for release in December.


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