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Pegg still a film fan at heart

Simon Pegg has said he always tries to be welcoming to his fans - because he remembers what it was like to approach his own heroes.

The actor stars in upcoming comedy Hector And The Search For Happiness, and said he still thought of himself as a fan, too.

He said: "I am a fan and I'm a fan who's now working in the industry that I'm a fan of.

"I remember I've gone up to people in the past who I've admired and hoped that they'll be nice to me. So if someone comes up, I try to think if that was me and that person turned around and was like, 'I don't feel like it today', I'd be gutted.

"I understand that and I don't think I'm above that. Anyone who thinks that they exist on a different plane of existence to the people that like their stuff is kidding themselves."

Simon added: "We're all people and I never want to lose sight of what an amazing world I move around in. I get to see some incredibly cool stuff and I try and look at it like a fan always."

In his new film, Simon plays a psychologist searching the globe for what makes people happy and explained what made him happy in real life.

He said: "Having a good home life. Work for me is not an escape, it's something I get to do, something I have to do and something I absolutely love, and I feel very privileged that I love my job. It feels like a hobby more than a job, but it's not something I do to get away from my home. I love being at home.

"Home is where I am at my most comfortable. That's the centre of my world, my wife and my daughter and my dogs, it's a place of great joy."

Hector And The Search For Happiness is released in cinemas on August 15.


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