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Pena: End Of Watch was eye-opener

Michael Pena has revealed he felt like a real cop while making End Of Watch.

The Shooter star and Jake Gyllenhaal play patrol police officers in the new movie, and the pair made sure to conduct some on-the-job research before filming began.

"We did a bunch of ride-alongs for five months. I felt like a cop, I really did, except I never had a real gun," Michael said.

"When you go and see somebody shot in the face, you realise that it's not a joke. It was also sad to see when women are beat up by their husbands and they don't want to press charges against their husbands for some reason - one time it was because he's the guy that gets the drugs and I was like 'Wow, this is unbelievable' - kids hurt or whatnot, it's an eye-opener for sure."

He added: "When you see it first hand, you understand what these guys actually go through."

:: End Of Watch opens in cinemas on Friday, November 23.


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