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Pena to play activist Cesar Chavez

Michael Pena is set to star as a civil rights activist in the indie drama Chavez.

The Crash star will play 1960s and 70s labour organiser Cesar E Chavez, Variety said.

Chavez will also feature Ugly Betty star America Ferrera as Helen, the activist's wife, and Rosario Dawson as his right-hand aide.

Diego Luna, who is directing the movie, said: "This man inspired an entire community to see themselves as deserving of basic rights and to rise up against injustice.

"The film will send the message that change is in our hands - Chavez did something everyone thought impossible with a fearless grace that magnetised an entire country."

The film will be shot in Mexico from April.

Tower Heist star Michael is next set to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in End Of Watch, which also co-stars America.


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