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Petition accuses Exodus of racism

Ridley Scott's new film Exodus: God And Kings is being accused of "racist casting" as the lead characters are played by white actors, while the majority of villains and servants are played by black actors.

Several online petitions have been launched calling for people to boycott the film in protest against the lack of diversity, with the Care2 petition having already gained over 16,000 signatures.

Christian Bale stars in the Biblical tale as Moses, Sigourney Weaver plays his adopted mother Queen Tuya, John Turturro is cast as Pharaoh Seti, and Joel Edgerton portrays Moses' adopted brother, Ramses II.

In the Bible, Moses was a Hebrew who was adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter, and frees the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

The petition claims: "In his new version of Moses' battle to save his people from slavery, Scott has played into the worst, most outdated assumptions that the heroes of Judaism and Christianity were Caucasian.

"Meanwhile, Scott has cast black actors as the story's evil doers, further reinforcing racist stereotypes."


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