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Pettyfer: I want to be like Newman

Alex Pettyfer said Paul Newman is one of his role models
Alex Pettyfer said Paul Newman is one of his role models

Alex Pettyfer has revealed he would love to emulate Paul Newman's career.

The British actor said the late star, who combined acting with directing and political activism, was his biggest role model - aside from his dad.

The 22-year-old told Men's Health: "I love that (Newman) is a great role model and a humanitarian. I admire people who don't necessarily want to change the world, but try to make it a better environment."

Alex - who is engaged to Elvis Presley's granddaughter, model Riley Keough - added: "I'm very ambitious. I live in reality but I have dreams I want to fulfil.

"I want to be a director, and I've already started my own production company. But I also have a measure of success that I keep to myself. It's something very personal to me."

Alex also revealed he went too far when bulking up to play a stripper in new movie Magic Mike.

"I started off at 169 lbs and went up to 196 lbs. They told me I was too big, so in the end I had to take it back down to 185 lbs."

Next up for Alex is political drama The Butler, in which he stars alongside Liam Neeson, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman.

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