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Pfeiffer: Can't compare Bob and Al

Michelle Pfeiffer has insisted you can't compare Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

The actress - who has worked with Pacino in Scarface - plays De Niro's onscreen wife in The Family, Luc Besson's dark comedy about a mobster family placed under witness protection in France.

Asked who was the better mobster Michelle insisted: "You can't compare the two: like apples and oranges, right?

"I didn't really consider Tony Montana (Pacino's character in Scarface) a Mafioso, he was more a drug lord and I don't know whether there's a difference.

"In terms of my relationship with Robert's character in The Family, I don't really relate to him as a mobster, he's my husband; he's just someone who won't listen to what I say and then misbehaves."

In the film De Niro's character watches Goodfellas, Scorsese's mob movie in which De Niro starred in 1990, and the actor admitted he discovered a new side to his past work.

He said: "I looked at the movie, and I looked at the DVD of Goodfellas and there were things on the DVD that I hadn't been aware of so I went through the whole film carefully and then I went through other stuff on the DVD that I wasn't aware of, and there were things on there that were helpful for me."

:: The Family is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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