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Piers Morgan to invite Donald Trump on to GMB during UK state visit

The Good Morning Britain presenter has taken a swipe at media ‘hysteria’.

Piers Morgan wants to book the US president. (Jonathan Brady/PA)
Piers Morgan wants to book the US president. (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Piers Morgan will invite US president Donald Trump on to Good Morning Britain to incense the British media.

The presenter said he will give the president a call to book him for the show, to enjoy the “shear annoyance” it would cause to Trump’s detractors.

Morgan is aiming to invite the president during his visit to the UK this summer.

The presenter has taken aim at the media he wants to enrage, and said a major problem in the press is that “everyone on Twitter thinks they’re a journalist”.

He said his coverage of Brexit and Trump is meant to balance the media landscape.

Morgan said the UK is now a “weird society” where debate is impossible, but he aims to remain free from hysteria.

Speaking to the Press Association at the Bafta TV Awards, he said: “He’s coming to London in a few weeks, I can probably get him out of bed early. He doesn’t sleep in.

“Mr President, if you’re watching, let’s do this – President Trump on the sofa with me.

“For the shear annoyance factor it would bring to everyone else in the British media, it would be very satisfying.”

Morgan said that the British Press was in “pretty good shape”, but was critical of the use of one of his favoured media, Twitter.

He said: “The problem is that everyone on Twitter thinks they’re a journalist, and they’re not.

“The job of the media today is to cut through the fake news, the disinformation, and get to the truth.

“I just try and, with Brexit and Trump in particular, just not join the hysteria on either side, because the hysteria is sending people nuts.

“We’ve becomes a very weird society. We used to be a great nation of debaters: go and have a drink, settle our differences.”

On GMB, he added: “I think give we a platform for genuine opinion and proper debate.”



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