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Pike, Miller's rapport with kids

Rosamund Pike and Ben Miller have admitted they find it easier to relate to kids on set now that they are parents themselves.

They star in What We Did On Our Holiday, a film from the creators of Outnumbered, which also features young children Bobby Smalldridge, Emilia Jones and Harriet Turnball playing siblings who go to visit their grandfather (Billy Connolly) who is seriously ill.

At the film's premiere Rosamund, who had her son Solo in 2012 and is currently pregnant with her second child, said of working with kids: "Now that I'm a mother, I feel equipped to do it.

"I remember distinctly moments earlier on in my career where I had to do it and I'd meet this little child and he'd look at me very suspiciously as if to say, 'No, you couldn't be my mother,' and of course now, with Bobby and Emilia and Harriet, they just look and say, 'Of course you can be my mother,' and it's really nice."

Ben, whose sons were born in 2006 and 2011, agreed: "Certainly since I've had children, I've got on with them better. I don't think I got on badly with them before, but I suppose there was a time in my life where I had really no idea how old any child was.

"Anyone below 11, it was just one big, confusing morass to me. I think once you can tell a four-year-old from a five-year-old, that gives you a little way in.

"But then, of course, kids are just barmy, so I think it was accepting that as a parent. You don't have to understand children, no one understands children, not even children, so it's fine."

What We Did On Our Holiday is released in cinemas on September 26.


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