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Pike's challenge of role switch

Rosamund Pike has said it was tough to switch between characters while she auditioned for Gone Girl during filming for What We Did On Our Holiday.

The actress stars in both films as a woman whose marriage is in crisis, but said having to mentally gear herself up to audition as Gone Girl's disturbed Amy Dunne was a challenge while shooting as Abi in the family comedy from Outnumbered creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

She explained: "I started talking to David Fincher (Gone Girl's director) with a very bad internet connection while I was filming What We Did On Our Holiday. So it couldn't have been a more different head space to try to get myself into in the midst of this.

"But you just want to keep yourself focussed and make sure that job, which as yet is just something that might happen, doesn't interfere with the job at hand which is what you've got. I think you're in a bad way when you're always looking to the next thing."

Rosamund did land the role of Amy and said of her compared to What We Did On Our Holiday's Abi: " They are different, although it was interesting to deal with two marriages in trouble I suppose.

"In What We Did On Our Holiday, Andy and Guy look at the absurdity of, I wouldn't say divorce, but the absurdity of the way that arguments can escalate between couples who have disagreements. I think they managed to do that while still giving the subject all the dignity it deserves. It's very clever, I don't know quite how they do it."

What We Did On Our Holiday is in cinemas now and Gone Girl is released on October 2.


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