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Pine in dark over Star Trek films

Chris Pine has revealed that he didn't have much knowledge about the Star Trek series before he signed on for the films.

The Rise Of The Guardians actor, who is reprising his role as Captain James T Kirk in JJ Abrams' highly anticipated Star Trek sequel, titled Star Trek Into Darkness, also admitted there is a certain amount of pressure to do the films justice.

"It's about a 250 million US dollars movie and a lot is riding on it to be a success," he admitted.

"I didn't know much about the series when I first got the role and I learned a lot about it doing it. It's way easier. I think the way that I deal with it is that I never even think about it."

Chris - who has been filming Jack Ryan with Sir Kenneth Branagh, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner in the UK - credited his cast mates and crew in helping with the nerves.

"What helps the anxiety of all that is that you have JJ, who is a great leader, and you have a really good team behind you," he continued.

"I really authentically like the people I work with. We've really grown to have a great affection for one another, so going to work tends to be fun."

The 32-year-old added: "So, you deal with anxiety and you get there and it's just a gig and you live in the day to day, moment to moment of the gig with people that you really like."

Chris lends his voice to Jack Frost in Rise Of The Guardians, which is in cinemas now.


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