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Pine: Star Trek 3 shoots next year

Chris Pine has let slip that he is set to start shooting the new Star Trek film next year.

The actor - who plays Captain Kirk in the rebooted movies - spilled the beans on Good Morning America, revealing that cameras are likely to start rolling in 2015.

"We're always the last to know as the actors, but there's a script out there somewhere, and I'm pretty sure we'll get to making it happen some time next year," he said.

Filmmaker JJ rebooted Star Trek with his first film in 2009, then followed it up with sequel Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013.

Roberto Orci was tipped to direct the third movie, but earlier this month it was reported that he would no longer be at the helm and a search is now on for a replacement.

There has been speculation that William Shatner might be making an appearance in the movie, after it was revealed in October that he had discussed reprising his role with then-director Orci.

The actor - who starred as Kirk in the 60s TV series - said in an interview: "I had a talk with him the other day. So there's talk - simply talk - about the next movie."

Star Trek 3 is due to be released in 2016.


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