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Pitt blockbuster in final reel

The final scenes of Brad Pitt's new zombie film have been shot in Scotland.

More than 50 of the cast of World War Z were seen running, some of them screaming, down a road near George Square in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Brad, 47, had finished filming his scenes and was not on set.

Speaking in George Square, location manager Michael Harm said: "Glasgow has this fantastic grid layout that we find in America as well. So we found this square with wide streets, wide side streets.

"By just adding a few traffic signs and American cars we made it look like America. It's perfect."

He said shooting in the city had gone "absolutely brilliantly".

A cast and crew of around 1,200 were involved in the shoot, which was centred on the Merchant City area. On some days actors dressed as soldiers were seen standing beside military vehicles, as crowds were filmed fleeing in terror.

Fans were out in force hoping for a glimpse of Brad and regularly gathered at barriers at the entrance to the set.

The film is based on the novel World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War, by Max Brooks. The story is set in Philadelphia in the aftermath of a war between humans and zombies.

More scenes will be filmed in London before production goes to Budapest. World War Z is due for release next year.


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