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Pitt happy on fringes of Hollywood

Michael Pitt has said he likes to stay on the fringes of Hollywood and is more comfortable there than in a huge blockbuster film.

The Boardwalk Empire actor is about to appear in I Origins, a film about a scientist hoping to dispel the theory of Intelligent Design and told Vulture why he liked indie films so much.

Asked about "Hollywood's penchant for plucking indie stars" to appear in blockbuster action films and whether he had ever been encouraged to do a superhero film, he replied: "Oh, absolutely. Many times. That's kind of kissing and telling, but certainly I've been offered something like that many times in my career. Maybe it wasn't the right project.

"I think actors have a lot more power than maybe they let on to. I think it's OK to say no to things. The way you explained it, it sounds like the actors are being plucked out and they don't have a decision. The truth is they do have a decision.

"At the end of the day, I don't judge people for doing that or not, to be real. I'm just trying to do things that interest me. I get off on doing things that haven't been done. I like going to my job every day and feeling like I'm doing something important."

He explained of his work choices: "The movies I make will hold up for 100 years. They're studied in film school now. They're not financial successes. They were never intended to be. They're not even independent films. They're films kids write papers on. I'm more comfortable with that."


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