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Pitt: I pick films that age well

Brad Pitt has said he treats choosing film roles like picking the right bottle of wine.

The Moneyball star told Empire magazine he's become less concerned with how much money a film will make, and more interested in how well it will age.

"Filmmaking is about longevity. Is it a quality picture? Is it a quality story? Is there something original about it?" he explained.

"Films that I've loved, like (The Assassination of) Jesse James and The Tree Of Life, they're 'fine wine' pictures - they'll age well. They've got legs."

Brad, 47, added: "I like films that make money. But I've been less concerned with that of late.

"I've found with one period where I was thinking that way, I made bad choices."

:: Moneyball is released on November 25.


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