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Pitt: Jesse James cost me money

Brad Pitt has admitted he ended up in the red after making The Assassination Of Jesse James.

The Hollywood heartthrob was keen to play the notorious outlaw in the 2007 Western, but he told Variety that it actually ended up costing him money.

However, the actor said the movie was still one of his favourites anyway.

Asked if there is a tipping point that studios can strike where they can get an A-list star and still stay within their budgetary constraints, Brad said: "George (Clooney) is doing it best; he is doing exactly that.

"The way producers get us actors on is if it's something we love and have to do, we do it for a price and get the movie made. When I did The Assassination of Jesse James, it actually cost me money in the end.

"I paid to work on that one, and I think the film still lost money, but it was one of my favourites and one of the most rewarding to me."


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