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Pitt, McQueen talked film over wine

Brad Pitt has revealed he wanted to get behind 12 Years A Slave, after he enjoyed a booze-fuelled chat with director Steve McQueen.

The Hollywood A-lister decided to help fund the historical drama, featuring a star-studded cast including Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch, through his Plan B production company.

"We met in London over a couple of bottles of wine, and ended up talking until the wee hours of the night about art and history - he was a video artist first," he recalled to The Hollywood Reporter.

"This particular story, these transformative experiences from visceral filmmakers are the things that truly excite me," he added.

Brad, who appears as Canadian carpenter Samuel Bass in the film, revealed he likes getting involved in the behind-the-scenes development.

"As I get older, I am enjoying more the productorial side of things - not being so forefront in the camera - the creativity of putting the pieces together," he said.

He also hinted that a World War Z sequel is being considered.

"We are talking about it. We are going to investigate a script," he said.

"We have a lot of ideas we will cull from. Nobody is writing just yet, but we are compiling our ideas."

12 Years A Slave, Steve's third film, will have its UK premiere at the London Film Festival on October 18.


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