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Pitt to produce film about miners?

Brad Pitt is interested in producing a film about the Chilean miners, it has been reported.

The actor's production company, Plan B, "has expressed potential interest in the story," Jon Liebman, CEO of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, told

He added: "Like so many people worldwide, Plan B has been incredibly moved by the story of the Chilean miners and their families."

A lawyer for the miners, Edgardo Reinos Lundstedt, tells Chilean newspaper El Mercurio that Plan B made an offer in the millions, but Jon said: "There have not yet been serious discussions."

The 33 Chilean miners who were trapped below ground for two and a half months until their dramatic rescue last month has gripped the world, with Spanish actor Javier Bardem also expressing an interest in bringing the story to the big screen.

"I think what happened in Chile has been a very historic situation. History needs time to see the reaction - the social, economic and political echoes," he told Total Film.

"You need time to look back and really see what happened after a historic event like that. It's not a movie I would want to do today, I want to do it some years from now - as long as the same level of drama as the actual event, which is not going to be easy."


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